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Alistair Griffin- Always No. 1. As featured on the closing titles of the BBC F1 coverage for the 2012 season.

I Wish For You the World – The Games Maker Choir feat. Alistair Griffin

The all new Sky Sports F1 HD title sequence for the 2012 Formula One season. Featuring music by Alistair Griffin.

Official video for Alistair Griffin’s new single Blinding Lights.

Music Video for Alistair Griffin’s single Just Drive, to be released 20th June 2011. Just Drive was featured on BBC1’s Formula 1 montage at the end of the 2010 F1 season and will now be released as a single on Elbow Grease Records.

Alistair playing an acoustic version of Blown Away live on his radio tour in May 2011.

Alistair Griffin | “Just Drive” | F1 Championship Credits/Montage | Official

Albion Sky – Alistair Griffin live from Sheffield City Hall

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